Founded in 1858 by Leonhard Buchner in the Bavarian town Ansbach, the small Blacksmith, producing and maintaining horseshoes as well as wagons for a local brewery, became well known and expanded.
From wooden to steel dare axes, from garden chairs for the gastronomy to additional devices for tractors - the company always adapted to the changing markets. As the agricultural sector began to shrink in the end of the 1960s, we specialized on technical services for the growing industry.
As an alternative, plastic processing was added to the production in 1980. As a result to the growing market, another expansion could take place.
At the moment 20 fully employed and 20 short-time workers are producing on about 2500m², including office and storage areas. Although much has changed over the course of the years, we have preserved our flexibility and our aim for perfection.
1858 Brauhausstraße
Brauhausstrasse 1858
1904 Galgenmühle
Galgemnühle 1904
1986 Plastic and metalprocessing Ansbach
2001 Plasticprocessing Weihenzell
Kunststoffverarbeitung 2001
...and today 2010 Plastic and Metallprocessing Weihenzell


From the very beginning, Buchner GmbH & Co. KG was a family business, and therefore unaffected by changes in the stock market or an eventual management. Over the years several generations contributed to our success and our growth.
Buchner Leonhard 1829-1908 Buchner Leonhard  
Buchner Andreas 1862-1936   Buchner Andreas
Buchner Heinrich 1904-2001 Buchner Heinrich  
Buchner Georg 1932-2015   Buchner Georg
Buchner Günter 1955- Buchner Günter