Plastic processing


In the field of plastic processing, we specialized on the production of highly complex plastic trays with the thermoforming process. This process allows the usage of different materials, like ABS, PS, PS-PE, in a maximum size of 1500x1000x10mm, formed on six different machines. Different colours and extra wishes, as for example ESD-ability, can be realized. If you do not know which material would be best suited for your project, we would be more than glad to support you.

As an economical and precise trimming in one level we work with die cutting tools on four different machines with a force of up to 150t and maximum dimensions of 1200x800mm.

Furthermore we offer you the possibility of our latest trimming method robotic mill-cutting, a precise method for complex geometries, as for example radiator grills for trucks.

Of course we can assemble components,e.g. with glue or ultrasonic welding.


From the molding machine through the painting line directly to the assembly line in one packaging. Our stackable, ESD-capable product carrier make it possible. Paint spray exhaust openings and 3D-fixation for an ideal paint finish are no problem as well as secure clamping against shift of parts are no problem.


To produce a high quality plastic tray fast and economical after your requirements and wishes, a close coordination with you has greatest significance. We accompany you from the very first idea to the finished product. Of course our service does not end with the delivery. Existing tools can be optimized under certain circumstances, too. In addition to that we dispose the Trays without any further costs (Conditions: clean, unmixed and without foreign objects)


The Product





Why Plastictrays?

  • Optimal protection for your product
  • No quantity errors through visualization of missing parts
  • Reduced handling through "one package for all processes"
  • Therefore low payback period
  • Less repacking means reduced risk of rejection
  • Optimal ergonomics at the workplace due to recessed grips
  • or similiar
  • Support of modern production concepts, e.g. 5S or similiar
  • Compability with modern robotic handlingsystems

The finished Tray can be used as:

  • Painting fixture
  • Handling tray
  • Assemble tray
  • Insert for boxes
  • Fixtures for technical applications
  • Stackable trays made from sheet material
  • Self-supporting tray
  • Assortment boxes
  • Self-service-packages
  • Blister
  • Display

And many others.






Buchner GmbH & Co. KG has specialized on the process of thermoforming. Classic concepts in the area of packaging and handling as for example cardboard, steel frames, wooden packaging or injection molded parts have many disadvantages.


Thermoformed trays do not have these:

  • Up to 90% lower tool costs as injection molding parts with a similar precision
  • Usable under extreme conditions: temperatures up to 90°C, immune against humidity, ESD-capable and even more
  • Up to 100% recyclable
  • Reusable



Below, the single steps of the process will be explained.